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At ZANEROBE your health and safety are our number one priority. During the current COVID-19 outbreak, we are working closely with our trusted partners to ensure we are doing our part.
Our warehouse team in Hong Kong have implemented strict staff policies including increased sanitation of surfaces and daily staff health checks.
Our delivery partner DHL Express has also implemented their own procedures, and you can find more information on their efforts here.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and act quickly on the advice of health authorities.

All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Hong Kong with DHL. This allows us to provide high quality and more efficient delivery for your order. ZANEROBE has also gone paperless, so invoices are only digital. If you require a tax invoice contact

Shipping Cost





Up to $99 / $129 CAD

DHL Express


($26 CAD)


Over $99 / $129 CAD

DHL Express



What is ATL?

All orders are shipped as ATL (Authority to Leave). This means that if the driver deems a delivery safe to do so, without someone signing for the package, that this will be done. If you wish to avoid this scenario, we encourage you to ship your order to a location that you will be present at during the day, or to a business address.

What are Import Fees?

Some countries will charge a separate fee for incoming purchases. The fee values do vary from country to country and we want to provide you with the best service that we can offer by having a one payment system. This means you will not be charged anything extra at time of delivery

How is it Calculated?

All duties and taxes are calculated on our site based on your details and the countries requirements that you are shipping to. Unfortunately, we cannot amend this cost as it is done automatically. We regularly check and update these figures to ensure that we are passing on the right charge and information.

No Avoidance

We cannot mark international orders as a gift in order to bypass or reduce any customs fees. This is an illegal practice and as an established business we will not do this.



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