Benefits of indoor sports:

Health is the basis of people's happy life, work and study. Sports is an effective means to get healthy and strong body. During the period of epidemic prevention and control, there are many benefits for health by insisting on home physical exercise, including four main benefits.

First, adhere to home physical exercise can prevent and treat diseases.
A large number of studies have shown that active participation in physical exercise can improve human immunity, which is a good means to prevent diseases, and also a positive measure to assist in the treatment of some diseases. Physical exercise can make people's muscles strong, respiratory and circulatory function improved, lung tissue elasticity is good, can continuously promote the body's material and energy metabolism, so the disease is not easy to occur. Some people with chronic diseases, under the guidance of the doctor through reasonable physical exercise, can have a certain auxiliary effect on the rehabilitation of the disease, help patients to regain health.

Second, adhere to home physical exercise can promote mental health.
People may have had the feeling that they will feel happy after relaxed physical exercise. People's focus on sports, as well as the interest and competitiveness of sports, help to transfer people's daily mental pressure. In particular, regular physical exercise people, their blood endorphin secretion will increase, can make people happy. In addition, regular physical exercise can improve their body shape, help to improve their self-image, as well as the establishment of self-esteem.

Third, adhere to home physical exercise can enhance muscle and bone function.
Sports can promote blood flow to muscles, provide oxygen and energy for muscles. Muscle and bone will adapt to sports stimulation, and enhance the strength, density, hardness, elasticity and toughness of muscle and bone. Physical exercise can make muscles and bones become strong and strong, and can bear more load, delay the process of muscle atrophy and bone aging, and prevent osteoporosis and fracture.

Fourth, adhere to home physical exercise can enhance heart function.
Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly usually have lower heart rates than those who don't. In addition, physical exercise can increase cardiac output, which leads to an increase in cardiac output, but also can improve the efficiency of myocardial work. This shows that physical exercise can enhance their heart function, squeeze out more blood to circulate to the whole body with less heart beats, and make people recover quickly after intense exercise or any other form of physical activity.


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